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Concerned about your oral health?

Are you concerned about your oral health? Visit Dorset Denture Clinic in Highcliffe today for expert advice to maintain good oral health.

Expert advice about dentures and dental care

Good oral hygiene is essential to maintain good overall health. Visit a dentist regularly to prevent tooth decay and build up of tartar. Regular checkups by expert dentists can help prevent tooth decay and costly treatments. Healthy gums are an important part of maintaining a healthy oral routine. If you've lost your teeth, I'll be able to design and construct new dentures for you that will complement your face.

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Some common oral health problems are:

• Bleeding gums
• Toothache
• Teeth grinding
• Bad breath
• Tartar accumulation
• Gum disease
• Oral cancer
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Prevent oral health problems

It is advised that you brush twice daily and polish your teeth regularly to maintain excellent oral health. Consult a qualified dentist regarding the right toothbrush or dental floss before using them. You should also follow the self-checklist for mouth cancer correctly and regularly. You can get a free denture checkup at my clinic. I also provide important advice regarding denture care. Take a look at the prices of various dentures constructed by me.
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"Thank you for making me smile again. Very happy with my teeth, they look so natural. Will certainly recommend you to all our friends and family."

- Beryl & Reg Jeanes
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