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Superior Quality dentures that will give you something to smile about

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Teeth are the focal point of every face, your smile reveals your personality, natural teeth grow in proportion and harmony with your facial features and your dentures should be made accordingly.  Contact us today to book your free denture check. 

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Dentures need regular servicing

Dentures are in constant use almost 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. They are also in a pretty hostile environment in the mouth, being attacked by strong acid, bacteria, hot, cold and spicy food. Denture material absorbs liquids and food odour.

Daily cleansing is essential as well as professional ultrasonic cleaning in a dental laboratory at least once a year.

Due to constant bone resorption dentures will become loose sooner or later.

Loose dentures can cause damage to the gums and bone structure and increase the risk of breakage of your dentures. It is important to have them relined as soon as possible to ensure a perfect fit. It only takes a day or so.

It is important to have your dentures inspected by a Clinical Dental Technician every year or more frequently if necessary.

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Should I have a spare set of dentures made?

Yes, it is very important to have a spare set in case of emergencies.

Constructing a functional and aesthetically pleasing set of dentures is the most difficult task in dentistry. When teeth are lost there is also a loss in tissue matter and bone. The recreation of facial features is made possible in the construction of new dentures. The Clinical Dental Technician uses his knowledge and technical expertise in recreating a set of dentures that will suit you.

Denture construction is more an art than science.


"It was with trepidation I consulted you after following encounters with the dental fraternity that ended in disaster. However, I did not reckon on your ingenuity. You never once lost your temper, and your engaging smile put me more at ease. You did not give up on me. I feel re-born. Thank you Colin so much. Kindest regards."

- Mrs K Hughes
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